A collection of carefully crafted, Russian-inspired pieces
infused with humor - wonderfully woven
and truly entertaining . . .

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 Mishka Zakharin
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"The Green Lamp"
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"The Green Lamp"
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about "The Green Lamp...
"What I particularly like is his clear appreciation of Dostoyevsky's purposes (and characters) combined with a capacity for outrageous fun. I rather think old Fyodor would have approved. After all, he had a wonderfully sick sense of humour. . ."

Mark P. Henderson
“The Siberian Saga (a short story included in The Green Lamp) chronicles the love between Mishka and Marialla (in a writing style that is) a cross between Tolstoy and Monty Python; not exactly a classic love letter. . ."

Marcy Weiss
Author of 'Perilaus', 'Folktales of the Peak District'

Scene Magazine

"Admittedly, I was hesitant to read a book based on Russian Literature, but was so pleasantly surprised by the way it captured (and held) my attention. Buy this book, put it on your nightstand or coffee table and read from this eclectic collection at your leisure. When you reach the end of the book, you’ll probably even leave it there so you can revisit it from time to time. . ."

Author of 'No Good Deed', 'Pump It Up'