Blog #49: Nebulous New Year

Blog #49:  Nebulous New Year

  I saw Star Wars, Episode VIII: ‘The Last Jedi’ yesterday… and I was disappointed.  Like with Episode VII, it seemed to be a rehashing of junk from the first movies — the same elements, mixed and mashed around, enacted by new (and much more forgettable) characters.  Even the very basis of it is nothing new:  you have the First Order instead of the Empire, and the Resistance instead of the Rebellion… a new old, wrinkly bad-guy… and a new young Jedi and a new Sith…  In both VII and VIII there are so many scenes you can pick directly out of the earlier episodes, like reenactments in jumbled order. And what an ignominious fate for Luke Skywalker, hero of the galaxy — and one of the main heroes of my youth… in the end, making him yet the sniveling, little whiner he was when we first met him forty years ago.  I do realize sometimes heroes fall from grace — but the bold and confident Jedi knight I remember from ‘Return of the Jedi’ would not have run away to die. And am I mistaken, or did it just over all seem like there was a hell of a lot going on in spite of there being not a lot happening?  Just have lots of action, and no one will realize we don’t have a plot… just a two and a half hour, slow-motion chase scene leading to utter disaster — but with… a new new hope?  Kinda weak.  I wish they had followed the ‘history’ of the books that have been written (from the handful I have read) instead of taking this new direction… which seems like more of a backtrack.   Mayhap I am just old and clinging to the gilded aspects of youth… I do try to let go of the past and take the present as something new.  I know of several Tolkien fans who could not separate the movies (esp. ‘The Hobbit’) from the books.  I did okay with that — and I mostly do okay with the Marvel movies (though I did not like ‘Spider-man: Homecoming’, which was a good movie in and of itself — but it was not who or what Spidey should be given the comics… so, again, not letting go).  [Incidental aside:  personally speaking, he’s gone astray in the comics as well…  Oh, well.] Definitely getting old… But...

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