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Blog #16: Hades (from ‘The Telemachy’)

Blog #16:  Hades (from ‘The Telemachy’)

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day… (or, as we used to call it back in the day, Juno Februa!… Maybe not.  (I’ll bet someone did.) )  Butanyhoo… And so, with love in the air, of course my mind drifts to the Underworld—the Land of the Dead… Hades.  And/or it just happens to be the chapter I was working on in my current novel, ‘The Telemachy’, and I’m very pleased with it, so I thought I’d give a brief glimpse… But perhaps it’s all Fate?  Perhaps the Moirai themselves—and, in particular, methinks, Lachesis, the “disposer of lots”—has allotted unto me the disposition of purposely having me work on this particular chapter on Valentine’s Day… in which Telemachus and his companions descend into the demesne of Hades himself, god of the dead, ultimate judger of souls—bestower of heaven… or condemner of hell…… And/or (again) mayhap mere coincidence… take it as you will… hob nob; I know not what. Enjoy!  * * *  from ‘The Telemachy of Mishka’ XIV: Hades  “This is the Feather of Osiris.” “Who’s Osiris?” asked Telemachus.  He assumed it was one of those other gods Xisuthros had mentioned—but in venturing into Hades’ Realm, he kind of wanted to know exactly with whose relic he was operating… “Never heard of that one either, hm?” replied Xisuthros, brushing the feather against his chin.  “How about Serapis?” “Oooo, yes!” squealed Telemachus.  “I know that one.” “Ah, good!  Osiris is an aspect of Serapis, and he serves the god Hades, one of his many judges of the dead.  This Feather—since you obviously have no blood sacrifices to offer—will be what allows you into and out of the Underworld.  It is of the utmost importance you do not lose it, and when you have re-crossed the Acheron River on the way out simply release the Feather into the air and it will find its way back to me.” Xisuthros positioned Telemachus and his cohorts in a circle, facing inward toward one another, before the dark entranceway.  The ancient man began a hopping and gyrating sort of dance around the three of them, waving the Feather of Osiris all about, chanting in some strange and mystical language:  “…youdoth ehoke yypok eyand boomboom lalalalala!~”  And then he tickled each of their asses with the Feather of Osiris, and, with a bow, solemnly bestowed the Feather into Telemachus’s care. As they crossed over the threshold into the chill,...

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Blog #15: Picking Nits

Blog #15:  Picking Nits

  Something stinks… Oh, wait—that’s just me.  Must be starting to rot. What a hassle in the assle… 9I’m only kidding, of course; I began rotting looong ago!0             [You see what I did?  Did you get that?  I didn’t shift for the parentheses, so it was a 9 and a 0.  And then I left it.  Because I enjoyed the… esoteric magnanimity of it all…  Just nevermind.] Buttanyhoo. I don’t think so……   Forsoothly.   Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch… “I suppose you’re all wondering why I’ve called you here…” (Nope!) Ah-ha!… bitches… supple calves… (lithe colts?!) Just nevermind.   Have I said anything yet? Good, good…               HELLFIRE AND BLOODY DAMNATION!!! And then some…   I finished reading Dan Simmons’ dystopian novel ‘Flashback’ yesterday.  It was nice.  I recommend it—if you like that sort of thing… dystopian novels, I mean.  Though it is not my favorite of Simmons’ books.  My very most favorite would be the duology of ‘Ilium’ and ‘Olympos’… a futuristic sci-fi epic depicting an Earth with human society not unlike that in Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ (only perhaps not quite so much so, and not at all explicitly), but with brilliantly added elements from Homer’s ‘Iliad’ and Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’… And I’ve also enjoyed Simmons’ novels ‘The Terror’ (an 18th Century, Arctic, trapped in the ice—but there’s something out there!—kind of a deal), ‘Summer of Night’ (a bunch of 12-year-olds on summer vacation in about 1960—and people keep dying and disappearing… and, oh, yeah, the school might be haunted!), and ‘Children of the Night’ (a modern-day take on Dracula and vampirism).  My dad also vouches for ‘Black Hills’. So there’s all that…   Two things: #1)  Should it be “Simmons’ dystopian novel”—or “Simmons’s dystopian novel”?…  And/or does it really matter.  I find I switch between the two, depending on circumstances.  Or mood. and #2)  As an author, writing a blog to post on my website, should I be promoting a best selling author (who needs no help from me) and his works, thus luring people away from perhaps giving my own books a shot?…  No. So there you have it.   Which I suppose leads us to—the crux of the whole thing… (except for those of you who were actually paying attention, because you’ll realize I really wasn’t leading anything anywhere…) Why aren’t I working on my novel today? Well… I did do...

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