Posts made in February, 2015

Blog #16: Hades (from ‘The Telemachy’)

Blog #16:  Hades (from ‘The Telemachy’)

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day… (or, as we used to call it back in the day, Juno Februa!… Maybe not.  (I’ll bet someone did.) )  Butanyhoo… And so, with love in the air, of course my mind drifts to the Underworld—the Land of the Dead… Hades.  And/or it just happens to be the chapter I was working on in my current novel, ‘The Telemachy’, and I’m very pleased with it, so I thought I’d give a brief...

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Blog #15: Picking Nits

Blog #15:  Picking Nits

  Something stinks… Oh, wait—that’s just me.  Must be starting to rot. What a hassle in the assle… 9I’m only kidding, of course; I began rotting looong ago!0             [You see what I did?  Did you get that?  I didn’t shift for the parentheses, so it was a 9 and a 0.  And then I left it.  Because I enjoyed the… esoteric magnanimity of it all…  Just nevermind.] Buttanyhoo. I don’t think...

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