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Blog #22: Dark Matter

Blog #22:  Dark Matter

  What if Life in the Universe… arises from out the Dark Matter?  What if the substance of a Soul is Dark Matter?             (I don’t mean that in a darkly satanic kind of way…)   Of course, the primary connection between the two things is their elusiveness in being identified conclusively; we mostly “know” of them by the effects of what they do rather than any true observation of what they are… But perhaps we should concede that “dark” does not deserve the negative connotations generally associated with it.  (Except perhaps in the literal definition of such:  dark = negative…?)  What is darkness but the antithesis of brightness?  We would know not light were it not for the dark!   Did you ever see the sun by looking at the moon?             (Were ye stokin’ wit Charlie wen ye did, hey?!)   What if in the oceans beneath the ice of Jupiter’s moon Ganymede there lives a super-intelligent race of giant squid-like creatures whose society surpasses ours, and they’ve been waiting eons for us to reach a point in our own advancement as a species to be able to connect with them?  Wouldn’t that be neat!?  (Kinda weird…)  And they only speak French—but with a Portuguese accent!  And— Nevermind.               ETRUSssCANn!!!             (Just skip that last bit…)   Several years ago, in the same week I learned that God had a wife—Sophia—I also learned (and/or, methinks, re-learned… from the bygone days of mine eldest youth) that our sun might (maybe) have a sister star—Nemesis—a brown dwarf orbiting out beyond Pluto, though its existence has yet to be confirmed… and so, wouldn’t it be apropos to associate said brown dwarf with Sophia?  (Well—I mean, not because of me, of course; it only comes to light to me because of the coincidence of timing…)  Or am I just making shit up?  (I should have been a scientist… b’cept I suck at math.)   And what the hell is Dark Energy anyway?!  If all matter has energy, then wouldn’t all Dark Matter have Dark Energy?  Or do the laws of physics have nothing to do with either?  (Is there a secret, cabbalistic sort of Dark Physics we should—or absolutely should NOT—know about?!)   Isn’t it odd that our other hominid cousins—chimps/bonobos, gorillas, and orangutans—all each have two species, yet we humans have only one?  Perhaps Neanderthals were our second, and...

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