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Blog #48: Compatibility Mode

Blog #48:  Compatibility Mode

…been drifting on the Gangeez wit Charlie for the last fortnight (or eight)… time (overdue) to head home… there’s no place like — not always a good thing — home is where you hang your cat.  (“I woke up this morning with a feeling of despair; I looked for my pussy — but my pussy wasn’t there!”)  [Footnote: some song… kind of a jazzy number, I know not who.]  Just nevermind… Haven’t really written in almost a year… and I’m pretty okay with that.  Methinks.  (Mayhaps.)  But then why am I trying here?  Words to the page… is it anything more than ego?  Notice me — remember me — applaud me, praise me, aren’t I grand!?! I recently discovered I’m part Visigoth… so that’s kind of neat… I—  (Just skip that last bit.) Mayhap I don’t write because I have to finish that novel I was working on (‘More than Kin and Less than Kind’)… and I’m not feeling it.  There are some lovely bits to it — but the over-all doesn’t really click.  (“Why on EARTH? — would you want a book that clicks!? …for pity sake…”)  I don’t know.  But I don’t want to abandon it, and I don’t want to move on to something new until ‘tis done.  Stagnation. Or do I just enjoy the leisurely life of not writing?  I’ve been doing genealogy (thus the aforementioned Visigothiness)… which is really rather pointless.  (Unless you’re a Mormon.)  But it is idly interesting.  I mean, anywhere along the line there could be a marital indiscretion that has you following the wrong line… or inaccurate records.  (Or haphazard researchers — myself included.)  And the occasional Indian chief or Viking or Visigoth or saint or king or emperor is neat… (not that it means anything now!) Butanyhoo… I’m somewhat content.  I should meditate more.  (Always, ever, forever, and again!)  I’ve been reading a lot of historical fiction — and actual history… which goes well with the genealogy, mesupposes.  Too much TV. So do I make myself return to writing simply because I have nothing else?  That’s bleak.  (And mayhaps (probably) more than a little of why I haven’t been??) I also recently realized I enjoy Led Zeppelin.  And I have been asked to be a godfather — for the SIXTH time!  (Those two things have naught to do wit oneanudder… aside for both being really rather neat.) My last...

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