Blog #8: incidental aside: ‘Natalya’s Tale’

Blog #8: incidental aside: ‘Natalya’s Tale’


Regarding my first (finished, but as yet unpublished) novel—entitled ‘Natalya’s Tale’—I thought of a good way to describe it…  Mostly, when asked what it’s about, I have a rather long-winded spiel along the lines of:

“You know how in Arthurian legends, a knight travels around having adventures?  He goes off on a quest, and along the way he meets a variety of strange characters—battling other knights and wild beasts or mythological monsters, running afoul of sorcerers and witches, as well as helping hapless peasants and maidens in distress…  Well, this is a lot like that, but instead of an Arthurian knight, I have Natalya, a cannibalistic prostitute, who grows tired of eating babies and turning tricks and decides to go in quest of some greater meaning in life…”


And that’s all absolutely true.


However, it occurred to me an even better analogy (or, methinks, not so much better—as I did indeed have Arthurian tales in mind as the novel writ didst I!  But—in a… colloquially uninducive, allegorical sense)—mayhap couldst, more simply, be expressed:

“It’s rather like ‘The Wizard of Oz’ or ‘Alice in Wonderland’—but wherein Dorothy and Alice are baby-eating whores…”


Short and sweet!




By the by—so as not to scare off too many people with the whole “cannibalistic” shtick that often seems to pop up in my writing… if you think about what’s popular in books and movies now, vampires and zombies and werewolves are all high on the list.  And they all eat human flesh or drink human blood, right?  And also very popular is crime drama… who doesn’t love a good serial killer?  (Hopefully not literally.)  It enthralls us—titillates us!  Even as it makes us sick…  And so, really, that’s all I’m trying to do.  (Well—but, I mean… you know… not the making everyone sick part…)  I’m just putting those two elements—flesh-eaters and mass murderers—together, then adding sex (prostitution), and voila!~  Everybody wins!


And I would also like to point out, ‘Natalya’s Tale’ is humorous fantasy—and thus, you might say, it’s all “cartoon” cannibalism and prostitution: alluded to, but not graphically depicted… as you shall see when it is published and all of you (hopefully!) purchase it…


Speaking of the projected publication of this, my debut novel… I’ve been sending it out to traditional publishers this year—but, alas, I have as yet had no takers…  (Oh, Well!)  There is one publisher I’m still waiting to hear back from, and if they also pass on it, in spring of 2015 I plan to digitally publish with Infinity—with whom I have done most of my self-published, print volumes…  So keep an eye on things here for further news of its release—or contact me to add you to the emaily-list for major, writery news happenchanceries (and such)…




Many fine things…



# # # #



—Mishka Zakharin  © 2014


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