Blog # 13: the Selfie (an interview)

Blog # 13:  the Selfie (an interview)

MISHKA: “So, Mishka, let’s get right down to it, shall we? I think what’s on everybody’s mind right now: when will your debut novel, ‘Natalya’s Tale’, be available?

MISHKA: “Well, I’m glad you asked—but, quite frankly, I just don’t know. I might send it into the publisher at absolutely any time now… then again, I might not. (You know how I can be…)”

MISHKA: “[HA!] Yes, well, I guess I suppose I might I reckon I surmise I purport I—” {slap} “Thanks! I think I do! Alright, well—”

MISHKA: “I’ll say this much, I hope to have it ready to send in yet this month, which means a probable release in about March.”

MISHKA: “Well, alright! And we’ll all be looking… forward to that… I’m sure…”

MISHKA: “Butanyhoo?”

MISHKA: “Indeed. Well, let’s get to what you’re working on now…”

MISHKA: “My current project is another novel, entitled ‘The Telemachy of Mishka’. It’s sort of a sequel to ‘The Odyssey of Homer’, but with the protagonist being Odysseus’s son Telemachus.”

MISHKA: “Hm, sounds intriguing…”

MISHKA: “Yeah, yeah—no, just shut up now and let me talk. Okay?… Good. So I was re-reading ‘The Odyssey’ last summer and it occurred to me that Telemachus has the potential for being a really screwed up guy… he grew up without a father, because Odysseus was off fighting the Trojan War and was then trying to get home—so his primary male role models were the suitors of his mother Penelope, who were just greedy bastards trying to get at his family’s wealth and power. And then, when his father does finally return to Ithaca, Telemachus finds himself living in the shadow of one of the greatest heroes of the Heroic Age of ancient Greece.”

MISHKA: “Yikes! So quite a lot to live up to, hey? (It’s okay that I spoke again now, right? ‘cause—)”

MISHKA: “And (—don’t be a douche—) without a solid foundation of personal self-worth!”

MISHKA: “Well, it certainly sounds like a hoot.”

MISHKA: “(I hate you…)”

MISHKA: “Pardon?”

MISHKA: “Hm? Oh, nothing—just clearing my throat… Yes, yes, it should be fun. Like ‘Natalya’s Tale’, it’s humorous fantasy, but with perhaps slightly less absurd undertones. I’m basically (mostly) sticking to the setting proved by ancient mythology, though, of course, my characters mostly (basically) express themselves in colloquial fashion.”

MISHKA: “And what will the future bring for Mishka Zakharin?”

MISHKA: “Hopefully the novel I had intended to be second—but which got put on the back-burner when ‘The Telemachy’ demanded to be written first… This is the project I’ve been musing over for about four years now involving plots and characters from Shakespeare, but dropped into a mythological, medieval-Russian setting. And, presumably, there will be an evolution through the progression of all of these novels—‘Natalya’, ‘Telemachy’, and the Shakespeare/Russian one (tentatively entitled ‘More than Kin and Less than Kind’, by the way). As a newbie for novel-writing, there’s a definite learning curve, and so I’m trying to get more serious with each one. I’m assuming ‘More than Kin’ will also be humorous fantasy (I don’t think I have anything ‘Tolkienian’ in me—alack!), but perhaps less absurdist, with less sexual innuendo….”

MISHKA: “Wow! It really sounds fascinating. And challenging as a writer!”

MISHKA: “Well, it is, it is, but that’s part of the fun, right?”

MISHKA: “[HA!] Yes! Yes, I suppose it is…”

MISHKA: “And, so, what have you been up to?”

MISHKA: “……What the hell is wrong with you?”


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—Mishka Zakharin © 2015

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