Canon in F: Mishka’s Complete Book Collection

…I had thought there was a complete listing of all my books somewhere on this site — but if there is, I can’t find it.  So herein I shall include such, and I apologize that it’s not all… fancy (or whatever)… but, quite frankly, I’m disgruntled with the world today, and it’ snot (HA!) like anybody reads this crap anyway, so…

* * * * * * *


The Green Lamp


The Spleen of Fiery Dragons


My Onus is Abated  (or Perhaps I’ve Just Been Sitting Too Long)


Of Gilded Hearts and Girded Loins  (2nd Edition)


The Mishkan Book of the Dead


Natalya’s Tale  (unpublished first novel)


Big, Naughty Monkey


The Mad God


Mishka Shakespeare:  The Complete Works


Mishka’s Decameron


And Then She Put Her Clothes On and Left…


Mishka, Mishka  (obsolete)


Mishka’s Comedia  (2nd Edition)


Bastard Imagery in Shakespeare


Big, Mad, Naughty Monkey God




Mishka’s Florilegium


Sex and Death:  Passion’s Welts


 * * *




Vol. I – Possessed By the Daemon Mishka




Vol. III – Year of the Golden Monkey


Vol. IV – Spectre of Life


Vol. V – That Was a Good Two Glopsworth


Vol. VI – No More Shall Be Said of This…


* * *


A Silk Purse from a Sow’s Ear  (out of print)

Mishka’s Comedia  (out of print)

Of Gilded Hearts and Gilded Loins  (out of print)


* * *



(all this link:


 ‘Poopy Derringer and the Singing Monkey of Death’ and Other Metaphysicalities


Zakharinish Zeitgeist


Presumed Journeys


MUSK OXEN!!  (Chicken Pot Pie of the Spleen, vol. I)


The Vodka Diaries


The Masticator!  (or:  Chew On This For Awhile!…)


Kriego Silencieux…!


Enigmatatas and Eclecticicities


The Brighter Side of Angst


Beyond the Alveolar Ridge


Dostoyevsky for Children: Crime and Punishment


Anna Karenina


‘Le Morte de Vronsky’


Love’s Quick Pants  (out of print)


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MFZ 6.2.15


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