Blog #27: Stuff

Blog #27: Stuff

Like Dreams Upon Waking…


Colder than a witch’s tit—

we venture forth, nonetheless, into the night…

we see a play by that lovely, gloomy Chekhov bastard

of whom I am so very fond…


after, we thrust ourselves amidst a beauteous throng

of actresses—getting ourselves invited

to join them for wine at a dimly lit grotto

of illicit endeavorings an prurient foreshadowings…


in the flickering haze induced by candlelight and merlot,

the conversation touches upon the haughty and the intellectual

and the commonplace and the absurd…


and there is one who is contradictory and brash—

by whose smirking lips I am obsessed,

by whose dancing eyes I am thrilled,

by whose soft, warm body I am heated all through—

and she asks of me, in wonder:

‘Is everything out of your mouth always such utter bullshit?!”


But her contrariness, by morning, is all but forgotten—

as I arrive home, the sun just rising over the horizon…

the cold reality of a new day obscures the memories of the night before,

leaving them to fade like dreams upon waking……


* * *


…just because I was proofing the (sort of) 2nd Edition of Mishka’s Florilegium—to be known as Mishka’s Expurgated Florilegium (and then some…)—and I thought this was neat. If only nostalgically. I miss writing poetry. It was almost like really being there…




So what goes on? This whole blog shtick sure hasn’t caught on, hey? Good thing nobody reads it; definitely takes the pressure off writing one every week… but I shall endeavor on—and, if I’m going to have at least two posts for the month of June, time is running short…


I actually did have a (previous) second blog for June, but I deleted it. It was to (finally!) announce the publication of my debut novel Natalya’s Tale! (Woo! Woo!~) But then I changed my mind. After the extremely frustrating ordeal of publishing it, I’ve decided I will probably go a different direction… For the last ten years or so I’ve primarily been publishing through Infinity Publishing—and they’ve been great. Not so this time. And although I’ve been informed the issues and delays I experienced were an anomaly and measures would be taken to make sure it doesn’t happen again, the end result remains a book priced unrealistically high. I don’t write to get rich, but for peace of mind and/or mine own entertainment—but I don’t want to lose money doing it either (despite the last sixteen years of doing exactly that…) Anyway, long story short, I’m looking into other options—which means discontinuing Natalya with Infinity and republishing…so it will be a little while again before it is available. Unless you want to buy it for $20 because you’re impatient, in which case, here:

…but I’m hoping it will be available for under $10 yet this summer, so—




What else?… I bought a new computer. Laptop #2 has been increasingly problematic, and I’m an impatient cuss… so I splurged, and I now get to get used to a new setup. It’s not radically different, I suppose, and after just four days I’ve pretty much got what I need set up and operational. It would be nice (mayhap) to use the new one for playing Civilization III—which I still need to use on Laptop #1—but #3 doesn’t have a disc drive. Such is but a distraction anyway, so perhaps best without… (It was funner when I drank anyway, and I could do a shot of vodka every time I conquered an enemy’s city… or at least I think it was funner—sort of blurry now… Oh, Well!) But I wrote two novels on #2; I think the main glory on #1 was finishing off Dostoyevsky for Children—with regard to extended fiction, anyway… a whole lot of other writery junk transpired there as well, of course… So I suppose I have high hopes for putting #3 through the paces…


With my third novel: More Than Kin and Less Than Kind!!!


But more on that later…


Oh! Right… So this is the plan: I’ve discontinued Mishka’s Florilegium to reorganize and republish. I’ve felt dissatisfied with that anthology—not that it doesn’t have quality poetry in it, but more because of the overall effect of the collection itself. So I took some out, added some in, and it has a better overall feel. I’m also doing it now so I can publish something with CreateSpace and see what the end product looks like. Presumably I will be happy with the result, and then I can tackle re-doing Natalya’s Tale with them as well… Beyond that, I also plan to do a second edition of The Mishkan Book of the Dead, and I’m also going to revamp some of the Daemon Mishka books—trimming down and combining #s 2, 3, and 4 into a single volume… which makes for a busy summer. The upside of all this revision and republishing will be a greater sense of satisfaction with regard to the volumes I have “out there in the world” and available to readers; the downside is I had intended to start planning and plotting novel #3 over the summer so as to be able to begin writing in the fall… and it’s going to take more planning and plotting than my previous endeavors… So that’s bothersome—but mayhaps if I’d get mine arse in gear and work on this junk more during the week, not just on the weekends—and if I were actually working on it now instead of babbling on bloggishly…


Indeed, by troth, forsoothly, an’ anon… Oh, Well! All good things to those who come… {Is that how that goes?!} Butanyhoo… Whatever will be will be.


And so that’s the what and the hey of it all for right now. For any who may have wondered where a mishka strays of late… but, yeah, yeah, yeah—no, I should probably get back to the Florilegium


Non illigitamus carborundum—te necet lingendo! Pfah!~




Mishkovar Zakharini



# # # #


—Mishka Zakharin © 2015




  1. like sitting in a gray room sharing thoughts with you again. very homey.

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