Blog #29: So What Else is New?

Blog #29: So What Else is New?

…these rambling, off the cuff blogs are really rather like jotting in my journal—except, of course, with the intention of unleashing it on the world…


One writes differently—


No, no—wait… nevermind. I shouldn’t put my own experience off on others; that was poorly phrased… every writer is different (except a few that are the same, but perhaps best not to even acknowledge that… it’s just cruel to lead them on… I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about… is this thing one? IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE?!? …‘~Oh, when that shark bites—oh, with his teeth, dear~~’ Just nevermind. [Bobby Darin, ‘Mack the Knife’. Thank you—thank you very much!])


What I meant to say was, I write differently when I’m writing for myself than I do when I’m writing for public exhibition. For example, when I’m writing for me, anything goes—so if you’ve ever read a story I’ve written, and in the midst of it something truly innocuous and absurd occurs and you just can’t imagine what the hell I’m doing or where that something came from… chances are it popped into my head, I splattered it onto the page, and then later was just too amused to remove it. That, and when I’m writing for publication, I don’t have pants on.


So what else is new?…


I’m floundering—O fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy, fooooo………


(Just skip that last bit…)


I’m floundering—haven’t written anything (anything REAL, really, anything) since May. Oh, I’ve worked on stuff… got that reboot of the ‘Florilegium’ brewing—waiting on a proof copy to see what flavor of pudding I’ve got on the boil. (What the f—?!) And yesterday I worked on a new cover design for my collection of journalish ramblings ‘Possessed by the Daemon Mishka’.


That’s kinda neat—about CreateSpace, I mean… You see, I had some books I published years ago through Booksurge—but then they were bought out by Amazon and became CreateSpace. So although ‘Mishka’s Expurgated Florilegium (and then some…)’ is sort of the first CreateSpace book I’m doing, I already have a bunch of books available through them. (But that’s not the kinda neat part…) I was able to reduce the price of all my CreateSpace books—and I can re-do all my covers! (The Booksurge covers are pretty primitive, having been created when digital publishing was really just getting going—so options were limited.) I also have the option of making them all eBooks—which I will get to eventually… (It’s getting to be an overly busy writery summer already—and, what, with all the not writing I’m doing…)


So if you’re looking for a lovely bargain on something Mishka Zakharin, check me out on Amazon! (Or wait a bit, ‘til the spanky new covers are done… and I’ll advertise as they are upgraded.)


So what else is new?…


Did I say, did I mention—did I allude to in ineffable haberdashery???


{HAA!! YES, I most certainly have………}


Now I am listening to Elvis and drinking coffee and writing a blog. So that’s kind of nice. Vodka would also—


Jus tnever mind.


(That was in error—but I liked it, so it stayed.)


I am like a god here!!!!!!


(But the moment I leave the page, I am yet again just the infinitesimal, insignificant, intransigent, befuddled, bemused, bemoaning, esoteric, abstruse, and indelible schmuck—


Just nevermind.


So what else is new?…


I should be reading Shakespeare and Russian mythology to prepare for mine ‘ext novelish endeavor… but it’s still all Greek to me. (I just ordered more: the Oresteia and the Three Theban Plays.) I suppose that’s fine, as I still have to hit ‘The Telemachy’ for a second draft, so best to keep my mind in that continuity. But I’m also increasingly antsy to be moving on to the next project… sigh~ Oh, Well! I guess I’ll get there when I get there… though I suspect such will prove inconvenient—next summer, when I have summery things to do, but I’m still working on a novel…


And there’s that short story I started in December: ‘Faeldred the Mad’. But it was inconvenient then, getting in the way of progress on ‘The Telemachy’, so I put it off… now I don’t remember what the point was…


Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah~


I wonder what Elvis would think about that neat song his daughter did… something about ‘you’re an idiot, and I hate your guts’…?


What if Elvis was reincarnated as one of my nephews? I could see several of them as possibilities… Of course, I also wonder if I was Rasputin—but don’t tell that to anybody… people seem uneasy enough about me without thinking I’m some sort of satyr-demon-sorcerer-monk-fiend…


‘In addition to an ogre-demon-demigod-bodhisattva-fiend?’




I even have the scar on my head from where someone bashed me (Rasputin) in the skull with an axe when I (he) was young… (though it took me 43 years to get it…)




Just nevermind.


So what else is new?…


What will I do today!? Nothing whatsoever anything to do with mulch.


Beyond that… perhaps I shall finish my new cover for ‘Daemon Mishka’—so look for that on Amazon… don’t know when exactly the new cover takes effect, might be a couple of days… I have to upload it and they do stuff to it, and then I have to okay it—so give it a few days or a week, and then feel free to drop in and buy a whole shitload of ‘em… I guess…


(‘You know no one reads these things, right?’

‘I know, I know, just shut up…’)



…so I guess that’s about it. Hope you feel better.






# # # #


—Mishka Zakharin © 2015



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