Blog #32: Natalya’s Tale

Blog #32: Natalya’s Tale

My debut novel — Natalya’s Tale — is now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions! To order copies, click on this link:


For more about Natalya’s Tale, I refer you to these previous blogs:

And, for those who know me personally, I will be receiving copies the second week of September — so if you prefer buying it directly from me, let me know and I’ll reserve one (or however many you’d like!) for you…

(From me, it’ll be $10 per copy, but if I have to mail it $13 within the U.S…. and I’ll have to let you know if you’re outside the U.S. what the shipping cost would be.)


And it hath been a busy summer with my exploration of CreateSpace… In addition to my debut novel, I have also amended my writing canon somewhat. I discontinued Mishka’s Florilegium and The Mishkan Book of the Dead with their respective publishers so as to revamp them as:

Mishka’s Expurgated Florilegium (and then some…)

And The Mishkan Book of the Dead, 2nd Edition


(I also discontinued BANANA YOU!, The Year of the Golden Monkey, and Spectre of Life from the ‘Daemon Mishka’ series—though highlights of the three will eventually reappear in a combined volume…)


Speaking of ‘Daemon Mishka’, I should also note, although Possessed By the Daemon Mishka has gone through a facelift (new cover design), the innards remain unchanged.


And please note, with CreateSpace (via Amazon) many of my other books have also changed—particularly in regard to a price reduction! (Huzzah!~) So a much more affordable Mishka to tantalize and titillate and… traumatize? (No, no, don’t say traumatize!) And… tickling of one’s fancy?! (Uh! Say traumatize.)



So now (mayhap) I can continue on with actual writing, beginning with the second draft of my second novel ‘The Telemachy of Mishka’… Forsoothly!—anon……


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—Mishka Zakharin © 2015


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