Blog #35: Chunks of Sky (part 1)

Blog #35: Chunks of Sky (part 1)

—but before I get to that… in other news, I have the rough draft of Novel No. 3 (but that’s not what it’s called) finished… presumably—mayhaps… probably. And then—


Many, many, many years ago—in the bygone years of mine eldest youth… (i.e. ‘college’), I was sitting in an American lit. class at UW-Whitewater, and we were discussing the poetry of Walt Whitman. I thought of how ironic (and/or just extremely apropos?) it would have been if the poetry in his ‘Leaves of Grass’ had actually all been about grass…


But that seemed pretty hard. I mean, how much can you really say about grass? Besides, he already had the title covered… [Not that that’s stopped me since: Mishka’s Comedia, Mishka’s Decameron, Mishka Shakespeare, ‘Crime and Punishment’, ‘Anna Karenina’… butanyhoo…] So I contemplated about what else in nature one might write a plethora of poetry—and I came up with sky. But, incrementally speaking, in how would one describe sky? Well, clearly, ‘chunks’!


And so there it was: ‘Chunks of Sky’ (“Dedicated to Walt Whitman, whose poetry, quite frankly, I just never really cared for.” Oh, Well!) Of course, unlike Whitman’s leaves, all of my chunks would be in some way sky related. And over the course of several years I wrote (apparently) 79 chunks (though mayhap more were of a sky-related theme, but it was after I no longer pursued the collection)… but it has never appeared in print in its entirety. So I’m going to do that now. I started putting it together today—so I know not when such will be completed… hopefully yet this year. [“Wasn’t he working on some sort of ‘Mishka: Year One’ thingy?” – “Ahhh! Who are you?! How did you get in here!?” – “Nevermind.”]


So I’ll let you know when it’s ready and available—and, in the meanwhile, here’s a brief sneak-peek…





Sturm and drang:

rumble, rumble goes the thunder in the sky,

tumble, tumble comes the rain;

see the lightning flash so high—

it strikes me down, I writhe in pain…





A myriad of clouds

randomly scattered across the sky:

big and gray and chunky,

like dirty, road-side snow.

A determined blue complexion shines through the mess,

pure and clean and clear;

a contrast to the mucky cottonball clouds—

ploch, ploch, ploch, just like a goddamned cow

splattered on its face.





A single, solitary star

gazes down from on high,

twinkling in the heavens afar,

and I think about you…

The pure autumn breeze rushes by,

a shiver does ensue;

though more from thrill than chill is my

trembling caused, darling Muse.

As night falls, the stars are now two,

and in me it imbues

the impulse to lionize you

for your beauty and grace.

Those fair stars, the light they suffuse,

as radiant as your face

in the glow of your sparkling blues.

The gentle autumn air

sends me reeling to another place

where nothing can compare

to the soft warmth of your embrace,

or the kisses we share.





Glowing, orange orb of tumescence in the sky—

‘Ra!’ we cheer at your magnificence.

‘Ra! Ra! Ra!’ O flaming ball of gases,

millions of miles away…

from this great distance,

you really don’t look very hot.


* * *


P.S. The Mishkan Book of the Dead, 2nd Ed. is now available as a Kindle eBook! (Just click anywhere on this P.S. to be mystically carried away to it~~~)

 (Actually, at the time of publishing this blog, it is being reviewed–but it should be available ebooky-wise within a few days at the most…)


# # # #


—Mishka Zakharin © 2015



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