Blog #40: Temporally Detached

Blog #40: Temporally Detached

So… if the Universe is the physical manifestation of God — God being the spiritual essence then of the Universe…


And if the soul (as an element of the entirety of God) is removed from the Space-Time continuum — albeit mystically connected…  (Right?… I mean it has to be connected, if only in that each, physical versus spiritual, is a reflection of the other… ‘cause, I mean… here we are… you know?)


[Where was I?]  So the soul is detached (but not unambiented?) from the body — ‘til death do you part (as it were)…


Then a disembodied spirit would be removed not only from Space (physicality) but from Time itself… right?!  Wouldn’t that make sense?  Scientists describe Time as the Fourth Dimension — actually, as sort of the fourth component of Space (as I understand it — not saying that I do…)


So God is Eternal — but his component bits are Timeless?


(Now I’m just making shit up; sorry, it’s the erstwhile poet down in the dungeons yearning for sunlight… just skip that last bit.)


And if Reincarnation is really the Ways and Means of Eternal Life (and, yeah — sorry, should have mentioned such was an essential proponent of where I was going)… then it should not at all matter when a soul is reincarnated.  You could live and die in the 21st Century — and then be reborn the next time around in the 6th!  Or in the 12th B.C. (or is that ‘B.C.E.’?)—or anywhen you’d like…


So mayhap when they say that Merlin lived backwards, what they really meant was the series of lives he lived went from the future ever backward into the past, rather than —


(Making shit up.)


Such would certainly make it very important for a soul to have its memory wiped clean so as to come in empty (so to speak) — else what might be the ramifications of someone with advanced technological knowledge dying today and remembering it all as he’s reborn into… 1930’s Germany, for example?  (Although it might also explain guys like Einstein…)


Once upon a time — oh!  In the bygone days of mine eldest youth… (or mayhap a few years beyond that) — I was having a discussion about reincarnation with someone.  [This all seems so very familiar, and in a ‘bloggish’ kind of way… please forgive my redundancy, if I be airing any… {Not like anybody reads this shit.}]


Anyhoo… so I mentioned the possibility of coming back as a rock.  I mean, just because something does not express the sort of ‘life’ as humans — or other animals, or even plants — doesn’t mean there isn’t something going on there; it might simply be too foreign from our thinking to really connect…  (Perhaps Energy itself is the connection between the spiritual and the physical?  Thereby giving some semblance of life to anything with mass and/or physical being.)  Certainly, as a rock, one would seem to have little else to do but sit in deep meditation — really giving one a leg up (as it were, sans any actual legs) in the spiritual evolution department…


At any rate, I was refuted for this — an’ e’en more so whence mentioned I the potential for coming back as a star:  a flaming ball of gasses, millions of miles in diameter!  Oh-ho!  How exciting!  A veritable god to the primitive little creatures evolving on my minion-planets…


But no, apparently not.  ‘No, Mishka, you cannot become a star — or a rock… perhaps a rockstar!?’


Hm…  ‘Well,’ I said, wallowing in the glumness of my supernal determent, ‘then I suppose instead… I’d like to be a firetruck!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


And then she put her clothes on and left.



#  #  #  #


—Mishka Zakharin  © 2016



  1. The concept of Eternity is a bit fraught with logical thingummies. Not sure I can quite grasp it, not being the ominiscient type.

    As for reincarnation: I want to come back as Beethoven’s B flat string quartet, opus 130, with the Grosse Fuge as finale. I don’t think this would be as contrary to the rules of reincarnation as reappearance in the form of a rock, or even a fire truck, but if my wish were granted it would fix my span of history to 1826 to the present (and beyond).

    But in what sense would I exist, or have life, when I wasn’t being performed?

    Now there’s a nice philosophical conundrum…

    • Mishka Zakharin

      Oooo, now that’s a good one. I suppose, when not performed, it would be like sleeping is to a human? You’d still be there — if only written out in the score or in the back of someone’s mind, halfway humming obliviously (i.e. dreaming) — but only truly conscious (so far as musical sound may have consciousness) while being played.

      That does open the entire concept open even further however… and makes me think perhaps I’d rather be a color in the spectrum: that gorgeous, turquoise or teal sort of sunlight on tropical seas — though to be an entire spectrum of life would no doubt be a rather godly (small G) demesne…

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