Blog #41: And Speaking of God…

Blog #41: And Speaking of God…

…assuming God is EVERYTHING… like, the whole Universe—and/or Multiverse… (plus all the Infinitely Myriad Chilicosms of Multidimensional Happenchancery! (or whatever~) )… so, you might say, God (in essence) is the spiritual, whereas God (corporeally) is physical being—making all of Material Existence God’s body


— what if we (humans) are just a random infestation?  Like crab lice.  Mayhap the entirety of our evolved manifestation on Earth has been but the inconvenient — and now quite itchy — occurrence of some viral misfortune… and He’s taken His Big God Medicine to abate it (us) — causing us to be self-absorbed, greedy, small-minded assholes who enjoy nothing better than destroying one another… thus leaving it to us (the virus) to kill ourself off…


On the one hand, it seems to be working — but from the standpoint of the recent flair up (i.e. the population rising from under two billion about a century ago to seven billion now)… methinks He needs a stronger dosage.



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—Mishka Zakharin  © 2016


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