Blog #48: Compatibility Mode

Blog #48:  Compatibility Mode

…been drifting on the Gangeez wit Charlie for the last fortnight (or eight)… time (overdue) to head home… there’s no place like — not always a good thing — home is where you hang your cat.  (“I woke up this morning with a feeling of despair; I looked for my pussy — but my pussy wasn’t there!”)  [Footnote: some song… kind of a jazzy number, I know not who.]  Just nevermind…

Haven’t really written in almost a year… and I’m pretty okay with that.  Methinks.  (Mayhaps.)  But then why am I trying here?  Words to the page… is it anything more than ego?  Notice me — remember me — applaud me, praise me, aren’t I grand!?!

I recently discovered I’m part Visigoth… so that’s kind of neat…


 (Just skip that last bit.)

Mayhap I don’t write because I have to finish that novel I was working on (‘More than Kin and Less than Kind’)… and I’m not feeling it.  There are some lovely bits to it — but the over-all doesn’t really click.  (“Why on EARTH? — would you want a book that clicks!? …for pity sake…”)  I don’t know.  But I don’t want to abandon it, and I don’t want to move on to something new until ‘tis done.  Stagnation.

Or do I just enjoy the leisurely life of not writing?  I’ve been doing genealogy (thus the aforementioned Visigothiness)… which is really rather pointless.  (Unless you’re a Mormon.)  But it is idly interesting.  I mean, anywhere along the line there could be a marital indiscretion that has you following the wrong line… or inaccurate records.  (Or haphazard researchers — myself included.)  And the occasional Indian chief or Viking or Visigoth or saint or king or emperor is neat… (not that it means anything now!)


I’m somewhat content.  I should meditate more.  (Always, ever, forever, and again!)  I’ve been reading a lot of historical fiction — and actual history… which goes well with the genealogy, mesupposes.  Too much TV.

So do I make myself return to writing simply because I have nothing else?  That’s bleak.  (And mayhaps (probably) more than a little of why I haven’t been??)

I also recently realized I enjoy Led Zeppelin.  And I have been asked to be a godfather — for the SIXTH time!  (Those two things have naught to do wit oneanudder… aside for both being really rather neat.)

My last blog — waaay back in JeJune — was about having sex with pajamas on… and no one sent any pajamas…  “No takers!”  (HA!  Eggsalad…)


Gray, bleak day of cold and lackadaisical happenchancery…

Some women would yet appear stunningly pulchritudinous… e’en were you to shave them utterly bald… and paint them blue.  Others — not so much.  (Green or purple or red might be nice — but not orange (onaccounta — you know… orange people? dey so funny…), and most definitively not yellow (gonorrhea!)…)  And especially in sum sexy pajamas.  (I’m jus’ sayin’…)


What if dreams are glimpses into the In-Between?  (Like, between one incarnation and the next — what some might call an “after-life,” though such implies an end, and I don’t think it is.)  So you have your “soul-self” that resides permanently with God in the In-Between… and it’s working on your spiritual evolution — which you (incarnated unto corporeity) experience as dreams.  (Though, methinks, sometimes a cigar be but a cigar…)  And then when you die, your consummate soul is juxtaposed with God — for eternity, for a moment… for a week and a half (the latter, per the Tibetan Book of the Dead) — and then you’re sent back planet-side for more crap.  Amen.

And Bob’s yer uncle.

Ramble on………………




Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah —

…and don’t let the bastards get you down.


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 —Mishka Zakharin  © 2017


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