Blog #50:  Denials of Science

Blog #50:  Denials of Science

Blog #50:  Denials of Science (which I, personally, find absurd)

  1. The belief that the Earth is flat. These people are about 2500 years behind the times…
  2. The belief that humans are not apes. I kinda get this one (so long as it isn’t coupled with denial of evolution)—but it’s just ego… people don’t want to be grouped with a bunch of hairy animals… as a hirsute beast mine own self, I find nothing wrong with it.
  3. Going on from aforementioned denial of evolution, the belief that Earth was created something like 6000 years ago. I like faerie tales and fantasy, too, but mythology is not intended to be taken literally… it sometimes reflects actual events, but more often expresses a consummate truth, an example of “right living,” rather than reporting historical events… which is not to imply that people in the Bible (or any other religious text—including the works of Homer), though probably not all, did not exist, merely that all the acts attributed to them did not necessarily actually happen.  Such was just the way history was written then—with a healthy dose of allegory and “folk-talesianism” (HA!  I like that one…)—much like journalism today.  (I think it was more entertaining in the past… now days ‘tis just a pain in the ass.  In the past, it seems romanticized or like magical realism, but in the present it’s just plain lies.)  My apologies to all those who feel otherwise, but if your faith rests on miracles and magic, rather than the substance behind the stories, it seems like a pretty crap faith.  (But to each their own, meguesses…)
  4. There is a town in North Carolina who outlawed solar energy in 2015 because they did not want to deplete the energy of the sun. Well, that’s a bit like believing if you look at something too long, you will “see up” the all of it and render it invisible… and I find that this happens really only very infrequently…
  5. There are various places in the United States (and elsewhere in the world) which have made practicing yoga illegal… onaccounta it is anti-Christian. How, I’m not sure—I don’t recall Jesus ever being opposed to breathing or stretching; it (apparently) leaves the practitioner vulnerable to demonic possession… no doubt because of how stressful it is to be a demon, so they prey upon peaceful, contented, healthy people to inhabit…  The nice thing about meditation and yoga is they are not at all religious—not any religion—but are more psychological practices.  Indeed, they can enhance and focus any religious practice one might choose to follow.
  6. Belief that the climate is not changing. In Wisconsin, it doesn’t always seem like “global warming”—because the summers have gotten cooler… but the winters have gotten warmer, and, anyway, they don’t gage the overall global temperature on readings exclusively in Wisconsin.  And even if you don’t want to call it global warming, if you deny the climate is changing, you’re delusional; all you have to do is remember what the weather was like ten or twenty years ago, and then compare it to the weather the last half a dozen years—and it’s different!  It is the mere observation of a change, that’s it.  If you want to argue natural evolution of the Earth’s environment versus influence of humans and industrialization, feel free… but in the end, the responsibility to try to stabilize it, to keep it from going beyond the point of no return into full-on greenhouse effect and turning the atmosphere as toxic as the planet Venus, is ours.  We have the capability to change it for the better—but greedy oil corporations (as well as human indifference and resistance to change) hold us back.  “Fuck the future generations, we want more money now!”  Greedy, self-absorbed assholes…  I’ve even heard the argument “God will save us.”  Bullshit!  God gave us this beautiful, plentiful planet to live on in the universe of infinite wonders… and they believe when we’ve wasted it and abused it with indifference—and often blatant disrespect or contempt—God’s going to show up and say, “Oh, well, here let me clear this up for you… since I’m apparently just your janitor or cleaning woman”?!  I seriously doubt it.  Disrespect for the Earth is like a big, ol’ “Fuck you!” to God, as far as I’m concerned—and then you get what you get.  Any God worth honoring or worshiping would no doubt wash His hands of us and let us rot.  (Anyway, such is what I would do were I the great Almighty… though I doubt He’s ever bothered to base His actions on “Hm, wonder what Mishka would do… [Well… mayhap once…])


Uh!  How verily judgmental I am.  I just read this morning:  “Uniformity suggests falsehood. The different paths human beings will always follow express, in their very diversity, the unity of Truth. There is one Truth, one God. One Word, but many dialects.” (the Dalai Lama, ‘The Good Heart’)  Which I believe absolutely… if we all thought alike, we’d yet be living in the trees.  But, to me, to deny scientific fact—to doubt the information provided by your senses because it is inconvenient to your presupposed notions of how you wish the world was or because your religion tells you it is evil—is, at the least, sheer, self-imposed stupidity, if not outright insanity.

(On the other hand, I sometimes wonder if I am the only actual being who exists—making all others mere figments of mine imagination… and, if so, then, methinks, ‘tis all mine own fault… (and what a frustrating imagination I’ve formed for myself! Egads…)  But also, shouldst such be so, ‘tis but moi—so I’ve no one to apologize to for being judgmental anyway… still, within the context of “the dream” of being—mine apologies to any who may find MY beliefs offensive… but ‘tis my blog, after all, so (methinks) just bloody sod off!  Get yer own blog……)

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