Blog #51: New From Mishka Zakharin (July 2018)

Blog #51:  New From Mishka Zakharin  (July 2018)

Lingering in the Foolishness of Things (Chronicles of the Daemon Mishka, Volume VI: Masque of Mishka) (Volume 2)  (Paperback – July 7, 2018)

Part poetry, part journalish ramblings, the next installment of Zakharin’s on-going Daemon Mishka Chronicles reflects his spiritual journey through life — both the supernal, upward swings and the infernal, downward plummets… and each with his usually unusual perspective on things. A perhaps more philosophically oriented volume than previous Daemon Mishka anthologies, ‘Lingering in the Foolishness of Things’ yet captures the indelible wit, abstruse wiles, and esoteric wisdom (not to mention some just weird stuff along the way) Zakharin’s readers have come to know and love…

(Also available for Kindle.)


Big, Mad, Naughty Monkey God  (Kindle Edition)

Mishka Zakharin presents two of his poetry anthologies — ‘Big, Naughty Monkey’ and ‘The Mad God’ — in a single, hardcover edition. . . both written in the same approximate time frame, yet each expressing its own distinct tone… an interesting mix of the opposing polarities of a somewhat bleak reality, but with an underlying tone of optimism… Mishka provides creativity and lyricism, philosophy and inaneness, morose subjectivity and shenanigans of mythic proportion…


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And not so new, but always worth a mention…

The Green Lamp:

Natalya’s Tale:

The Telemachy of Mishka:

Chunks of Sky:


…and, coming soon:  Zakharinish Zeitgeist (2nd Ed.)


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