The Green Room

The Green Room

Welcome to The Green Room!

What… the hell is a Green Room?  (Aside from the obvious answer—which is actually, at least in part, the correct one…)

For those that know me reasonably well—you are already aware.  The Green Room, traditionally, is my office.  And sometimes it’s actually green.  Given it is the room—in whatever home in which I’ve lived for the last 27 years—that the majority of my writing occurs, when I had notions of including a blog on my new website, I thought “The Green Room” would make an apropos name for it…

(This should, no doubt, cause great confusion—well, I mean, I won’t think it’s so great… but I digress—when I say “I was in the green room, and—” (whatever~)… and, to whomever I am speaking, he or she will say, “How were you IN your blog?!”  Then there will, as per usual, be great ire and angst and slapping and running about and screaming and—oh! the blood… and apologies and cleaning up and getting over it… and then, inevitably, “No, no, really—how were you in a bl—”)

Nevermind.  Just skip that whole last bit…

Hi, welcome to my blog!  (Yea! Huzzah! Forsoothly!~  Etc…)

So what should you, the reader, expect in your visits to the Green Room?…  Well, for my part, I suppose I hope you’re not expecting much!  (HAA!!  Yeah, yeah—no, I mean that…)

If you show up to the actual green room (i.e. the room in my home)—you’d better bring cake… or things shall go hard!  (I don’t mean that dirty…)

But—and/or however—if you are merely stopping by to peruse where a mishka’s mindful musings may have meandered… I just really don’t know.  Sorry.  Yep—just no idea… (What the hell?!  I’ve never done a freaking blog before?  What do I have to talk about?…)

All that being said—for those of you remaining after nearly a page of my rambling drivel… there are free gifts!  (Huzzah!~ again.)  Just have them delivered to me at—

(Hup!—sorry… my bad.)

I meant I have free gifts for all of you!  Two free ebooks from my collection at Smashwords:

‘Poopy Derringer and the Singing Monkey of Death’ and Other Metaphysicalities

In his latest short story anthology, Zakharin answers (or at least addresses) all of the Big Questions in Life: the Time Loop of the Very Existence of All Things [Poopy Derringer and the Singing Monkey of Death]; demonic underpants [Selected Shorts]; getting small (more in an Alice-ish sort of way, than in the Steve Martin-esque manner of such) [Istigkeit]; beautiful women in the park [The Spanish Garden]; and what to have for lunch [Hunger of the Soul]. A collection of fiction rich with fantasy and humor… an esoteric and metaphysical mêlée of insight—and/or insanity—which, if after reading, one were to feel as if he had been held down by Aldous Huxley, tickled by Oscar Wilde, and punched in the throat by Mikhail Bulgakov… well, actually, if such is the effect, there might be bigger issues at play. Butanyhoo…

For your free copy, follow this link:  And when ordering enter coupon code KR76V (case sensitive) between now and December 31st

—and:  Zakharinish Zeitgeist

‘Zakharinish Zeitgeist’ collects 21 of Mishka Zakharin’s personal favorites from his voluminous canon of poetry, offering a glimpse of his unique perspective of the world through an array of some of his greatest poetry… humorous, angstful, sexy, philosophical (and sometimes all at once), this consummate collection exemplifies Zakharin’s enigmatic esotericism and libertine lyricism…

For your free copy, follow this link:  And when ordering enter coupon code TV79U (case sensitive) between now and December 31st.

…and that’s all I’ve got right now.  (I don’t know anything about anything…)  But thanks for stopping by to check out the new digs—hopefully you’ll be back… and hopefully this whole blog thing will take, and there’ll be something new to see when you get here!

Happy reading!  And many fine things…


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