About Mishka

Mishka bio pic framed

Mishka Zakharin (despite his Russified name) is a native of Wisconsin—where his existence yet lingers lackidaisically along…  He earned a BA (since he already had enough ‘BS’) in English from UW-Whitewater, graduating Magna Cum Laude (or Madame Cum Loudly~), in 1992. He has since published more than 20 anthologies of poetry, rose, and miscellaneous ramblings, as well as numerous eBooks.

In 2013 Mishka finished his third novel, entitled “Natalya’s Tale” and which will presumably be available – someday!), provoking his blithely muttered comment, “Now methinks mayhap I’ll go back and finish the first two…” (While pondering that possiblity, he’s working on the fourth and the fifth.)

Influences in Mishka’s writing include the greats of 19th Century Russian literature, Shakespeare, Marx (specifically Groucho), Jack Kerouac, Piers Anthony, Pablo Neruda and Steve Martin.